Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In the book of mice and men there are many symbol that the author talks about but the one that stands out most to me is Candy's dog.Candy is old and of no use to the ranch and his dog is the same way.The dog is old, sick and has rumatism and he smells.He moves slow and sluggish as if willing to be put out of his misery.

It also represents the end of life and grief.Like at the end of life they want it to be over and done. The dog is the end of life beforw you die.he represents the last of candy's hopes and dreams.The dog has lost his lusture and can barely move.

Carlson thinks the dog is hurting on the inside and wants to be put out of his misery and when the dog is shot his dreams are over. When candys dog was alive candy's life had meaning taking care of his dog and raising him since he was a puppy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Of mice and men has many motifs but one in particular stood out to me. The corrupting power of women. In the book they rarely talk about lennie's aunt clara but she corrupted lennie in a way. she made him develope this bad habit of petting soft things because when he was little she gave him things like velvet and silk and as he got older he got stronger and he would kill things.

Also they way they talk about flophouses which is in other words a stripclub of some sort. the guys in the story always talk about going there and when curly goes there in the middle of the night his wife finds lennie and tries to talk to him and she starta to say that she just wants some company and someone to talk to because she is so lonely.

Which leads to curlys wife who tries to seduct the men on the ranch and someone who gets the poeple who work on the ranch in trouble. she comes around the men with her soft her and soft skin she tries to seduct Lennie and make him talk to her when he was not supposed to. She comes in the barn when lennie is alone and makes him talk to her and then she lets him touch her hair which leads to her death and gets lennie in trouble.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The American Dream

In Of mice and men talks a lot about dreams specifically the dream of having family, which Lennie, George, Candy do not have. Since Candy's dog died he has no family and basically his dreams are over.

Although Lennie and George travel around with eachother they are not family. In the beginning of the book george talks about his dream of owning his own farm, which him amd Lennie will live on and they will have rabbits and they will live off the fat of the land.

When Candy hears about this plan he wnat to join in because he has nothing else to look forward to his dreams have been crushed when his dog was shot. Lennie also got a puppy and when that puppy dies all of their dreams are over

Thursday, May 1, 2008


This week we should work on finding flowers and the prices which I found a good website
that has flowers for cheap prices and also garden designs that we could do for the garden and i drew a sketch of what I want the design to be for the garden and it is very creative.

new ideas

Some ideas I had were to plan the out side design for the garden like a picture with CHS in the picture and the role I will play is scribe and leader in the group.

service learning meeting

At the meeting we talk about who will have what roles and what we like about the things we did last week and we went around and told how we felt. The week before we went around the building and looked at places that we could put things to make the school more beautiful.
but over all the first two meeting were very productive and fun even though we were talking a lot and some people got switched to ms.Thompson group.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Empire of the Sun

The two characters I am going to be talking about are Jim and Jamie. These two people are played by the same person but at different times in his life. He changes his life style to adapt to the conditions his life is put in when World War II starts and he loses everything he use to hold dear and near to him.

In the beginning of the movie Jamie is this spoiled rich kid who does and gets what ever he wants he has his whole life ahead of him. His parents are there for him and he is curious of all the surrounding around him. He has servants and he is waited on hand and foot. He doesn’t do anything for himself. His house is a mansion and he has his own room and plenty of money. He doesn’t have a care in the world.

By the end of the movie he has changed his name to Jim and has to survive in the world without his mother and father. He does find friendship in a man named Basie, but he is mostly independent and he is very strategic. He learns to trade things and he also wants to be an American, which was obviously the most powerful group in the interment camps. He forms his own family and has his own morals, which helps him to become strong during his time of need.

When the war is over he is faced with the hard decisions.
The American soldiers come and take him to an orphanage where
He sees his parents and they look exactly as they had when he had lost them in the crazy war, but he had changed entirely inside and out his own father didn’t notice him.